Apr 14

Force HTTPS On Your WordPress Website

So, you just purchased your new SSL certificate and you’re excited to show your WordPress site visitors that you site is secure and trustworthy. But there’s one problem, none of your pages have that nice green HTTPS in the browser URL. What do you do? Forcing HTTPS on your WordPress site **You must purchase an …

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Apr 14

Get Faster Site Load Times By Increasing Your WordPress Memory Limit

Yesterday, WordPress released version 4.5 of their awesome Website building engine. Normally, I love new software updates. (especially free, open-source software!) However, yesterday was different. I have been making a lot of little modifications to my WordPress sites over the past few weeks to accommodate different things. The problem with making custom changes to your …

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Apr 09

Increase WordPress Maximum Upload Size (Only If Needed)

Recently, I needed to upload a few training videos to a website. I’m a huge fan of WordPress (If you don’t know that by following my stuff already), but I recently hit a snag. One of the videos I needed to upload was over the 64MB limit that my default Hostgator WordPress install allowed. So …

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Apr 04

Compare A Text String In A < DIV > Tag Using PHP

Sample <Div> Tag <div class=”membership-value logged-value”><?php echo green;?></div> (Note: Class contains two classes – membership-value & logged-value)   Sample <Div> Tag Output Green PHP Compare Code if ($[div class name] == “[string of text]“) { ///html or php code you want executed if match found }   Example Of Text Compare Using Sample <Div> Tag <?php if …

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Apr 03

Calling WordPress Plug-In Shortcode With PHP

WordPress’s Built-In Post and Page editor makes it extremely easy to create web pages on the fly and is the best tool ever created for quickly building websites.. But when you want to do something on your website a little special, it can be.. inflexible. If you’ve ever run into the situation where you are editing …

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Apr 01

Blogging 3.0 – Micro-Audiences and Social Media In 2016

Blogging 3.0 is a concept you need to be aware of. Many changes has occurred to blogging since I started internet marketing 3 years ago and many resources online still focus on blogging 2.0 concepts that are now out-dated and will not help you succeed. You cannot afford to be ignorant of the critical distinction between …

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Mar 31

[FIXED] Pass Aweber Subscriber Information To Custom WordPress Thank-You Page

Today I had a problem that effects tens of thousands of people but no one could solve.. Passing subscriber information from an AWeber Opt-In Form to my own custom WordPress thank you page. I read through close to a hundred forum posts full of confusion (really, that many people have this problem).. Some even as …

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Mar 14

Use AWeber With Variant Landing Page WordPress Theme

Click HERE To View An Example Variant Landing Page With AWeber Form. I wanted to use AWeber with the Variant Landing Page WordPress Theme but I was not a fan of the mandatory FormGet Contact Form plug-in. I use AWeber for all of my email marketing and they already include an excellent opt-in form creator. Because they already include this tool, I …

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Mar 08

Introduction To Backlinks 2016 Plus Ninja Link Building Training

Sections: Examples of Backlinks | Why Meaningful Backlinks Matter | How Do I Get Meaningful Backlinks | Ninja Method To Get Keyword Targeted Backlinks | Why Anchor Text Matters For Your Backlinks Building backlinks in 2016 is different than it was in previous years. Search engines have gotten smarter about deciding who ranks in the search engines. One of the ways they have done …

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Jan 31

Build-A-Website Blueprint – Step 6: Choosing Hosting For Your Website

variant landing page wordpress theme contact info

If you didn’t buy website hosting – you would have to leave your computer on 24/7/365 connected to the Internet with potentially thousands of people accessing it. Your home internet provider wouldn’t be too happy about this and your computer is not nearly powerful enough to support that many people accessing it at one time. …

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